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ULSViewer Executable (v2.3 - 5th Jan 2013) : Download Executable

Notes : Added Area search to the filter..


Stefan Gordon created a fantastic SharePoint log file viewer that can be found here:

Not only is it a great tool, but it is also open source. There were a few things I needed it to do, so I slightly modified it.


Correlation ID Drop Down

When using SharePoint, if you encounter an error page, it most likely shows a Correlation ID. So I had a need to do more things with the Correlation ID. I added a new drop down control for the Correlation ID. This allows you to simply find the Correlation ID and filter down to all related log messages.


Sorted Drop Downs

Each of the drop down options (Severity, Process, Category and Correlation ID) are now alphabetically sorted. This makes it easier to filter down to exactly what you need. In most cases, I'm looking for "Workflow Infrastructure" or "Nintex Workflow 2010" category types.


Right Click Export

You can now select a number of entries in the log, right click and select Export. This will export those entries to file.


Right Click Export Between Times

This option allows you to specify that you want to export the log entries within a certain time period.

Where this is useful, is when someone asks you for your SharePoint logs. In most cases, they don't require the full log file. You may know when an issue occured, so you may want to only send them the entries that cover 5 or 10 minutes before and after the issue occured. This reduced the size of the files you will send to that person and will also reduce the amount of time they need to go through the logs because there aren't as many entries to look through.



The Tool : ULSViewer

I decided it would be easier for me to change the code of the original ULSViewer viewer, rather than going through CodePlex, because the changes I required were quite specific to my requirements.


This a work in progress. For now, I'm happy with the tool.


Nothing as yes, but if you have ideas, feel free to email me at


ULSViewer Executable (v2.3) : Download Executable


Added Area search to the filter.

ULSViewer Executable (v2.2) : Download Executable


Fixed a bug in the Text filter search that would cause a crash of the application.

ULSViewer Executable (v2.1) : Download Executable