Vadim Tabakman

Compares 2 XML documents. Highlights the differences.
Connecting to a database requires a Connection String. This tool lets you pick which .Net data adapter you want to use and try out connection strings and queries.
Querying Active Directory using LDAP is usually not very intuitive. This tool lets you easily try an LDAP path and LDAP query to see if it will work, before using it production.
Test out regular expressions.
Some updates to the ULSViewer created by Stefan Gordons to fulfil my own requirements, like sorting filters, handling Correlation IDs and exporting of log entries.
Web.Config Modification Cleanup was made to assist in the cleanup of SharePoint web.config files that have had a bunch of modifications done to them, resulting in entries that point to software that no longer exists.
Reuse the scale to weigh anything, not just letters and packages.