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Regex Tester Executable (v1.4 - 7th Jul 2012) : Download Executable


Have you had a need to create Regular Expressions?  There a number of situations where these are handy to use.  Especially to extract bits of information from a blob of text, or to split text into array of text strings based on some pattern.

In my day to day dealings, I use regular expressions often and I also get asked about them.  There are a number of sites that have helped me in the past.

RegExLib Cheat Sheet



Just to name a few.  The RegExr is a great online tool. It lets you put in regular expressions and it shows you what matches in the input text.  This is great, but on occasion, I had to work in an environment that did not have an Internet connection.  I also had a few ideas on what else I would like for this to do, so I created this Windows desktop tool.  It works very similarly to the RegExr online tool.  It will also let you save, edit and delete regular expressions.

The Tool : Regex Tester

Regex Tester comes with most of the regular expression bits that you can use, some more complex regular expressions and descriptions for all of these.

When the Regular Expression is added at the top, it will automatically highlight the matching text from the input text.  It alternates between red and blue colors. This is incase there are 2 bits of text that match directly next to each other, and you can differentiate them.

If you need to edit or delete regular expressions and their descriptions, you can select the regular expression in the listbox on the right and then right-click on it to bring up the appropriate popup menu.


I have an idea, but I'm currently not sure if I know how to implement it.  If I have some time, I'd need to sit down and work through it.

What I'd like to do, is have a bunch of input text, highlight some of it and get the software to come up with a regular expression for me.  This is an idea scenario, but as with ideas like this, it all comes down to whether you can come up with the algorithm for this.

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