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Speaking with a few people recently, there came about the question of knowing what Nintex Workflows were running at a particular point in time, or still running for that matter.

To the bat-cave Robin!!! I mean, to SQL Management Studio.

Tinkering around with the Nintex Workflow database, I whipped up a SQL query that I believe helped me answer the question.

SELECT DISTINCT tblResult.WorkflowName
	SELECT WI.InstanceID, 
	       MIN(WP.TimeStamp) as 'StartWork', 
	       MAX(WP.TimeStamp) as 'EndWork'
	FROM WorkflowInstance WI
	INNER JOIN WorkflowProgress WP
	ON WI.InstanceID=WP.InstanceID
	GROUP BY WI.InstanceID, WI.WorkflowName
) as tblResult
WHERE tblResult.StartWork <= '2012-10-11 21:47:40.693' AND
      tblResult.EndWork >= '2012-10-11 21:47:40.693'

You simply need to place the date/times with what you need and you should get a bunch of distinct workflow names that were running during that time period.

It will also show workflows that are still considered running, which was a bonus, as I didn't have to build more logic into that SQL query.

I'll admit, I haven't perform a million tests on this query.  But I did compare the results to workflow instances I saw in SharePoint and I did start some workflows to see if they appeared, and they did.

NOTE: This doesn't tell you each instance of a workflow that ran.  It gives you a unique list of workflow names that were running.

The below image shows a SharePoint list where I have 2 items with long running workflows.


With the script above, I would get 1 result, because it returns a unique list of workflow names that were running at a particular time:

Distinct Query

If you want to see a non-distinct list of workflow names, remove the DISTINCT keyword from the query.

Non Distinct Query

Hopefully this is handy to some of you.

Posted by Vadim Tabakman Wednesday, February 13, 2013 7:03:00 AM Categories: Nintex Nintex Workflow SQL
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