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Nintex Workflow Cloud - Math Power Component Workflow

It seems that periodically, I work on workflows that require me to do some calculations.  Nintex Workflow Cloud has a Calculate a Value action.  It can do the base calculations, like Add, Substract, Multiple and Divide.  But these base operations allow you to build more complex formulas, should the need arise.  I had that need recently, where I need to perform a Power calculation.  Since this is something I'll be potentially using in the future, rather than building it into the workflow, I put it into a Component Workflow, so that it is reusable.

It takes 2 input parameters : Base and Exponent => BaseExponent

It returns the value in a "Result" field.

Import Workflow Key - m8nyDbVoRWkPif8zhx936ixXb6hczNabnFBYaq6vqFcsRQtYi

Here's the Design.

Here's how to call it from another workflow, using the Call a Workflow action.


Posted by Vadim Tabakman Thursday, September 24, 2020 8:43:00 AM Categories: Component Workflow Loop NWC
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