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Nintex Team Blog Posts - March 2019

March blog posts are here!!!.

Product Post
Nintex Promapp Promapp is your BEST Friend
Nintex Workflow Cloud Nintex Workflow Cloud: Why use it?
Nintex Drawloop Thikning like a DocFather: Where do I start?
Nintex Drawloop Adding Adhoc Attachments via Apex to your DDPs
Nintex Drawloop How to Create a Custom Lightning Button for Mass Document Generation on a Custom Object
Nintex Workflow Cloud Xtensions: Cutting Some Slack. Part 1: The Final Countdown
Nintex Drawloop and Nintex Workflow Cloud Scheduled Drawloop Documents using Nintex Workflow
Nintex Forms for Office 365 Using Nintex Forms to Create Salesforce Data
Nintex Drawloop and Nintex Workflow Cloud Using Nintex workflow as a delivery option for Drawloop in Salesforce
Nintex Promapp Technology Wagging the Dog?

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