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NEW VERSION RELEASED v2.1 - 18th August 2014


VT LDAP Query Installer (v2.1 - 18th August 2014) : Download Installer


Active Directory stores important information about users, groups etc.  The ability to query that information can be quite useful, especially when building up business processes.  Whether you are writing code, script, or designing workflows, one of the worst things that you could do in a business scenario, is hardcode values.  If you are sending an email to a user, if that user is on leave, or resigns from the company, this could potentially break your process, resulting in hours of extra workflow and unnecessary money spent by the company to resolve this.

What I've found in my travels, is that LDAP Queries are a very useful tool to have access to.  Of course, you need permissions to be able to query Activity Directory via LDAP, but I'll leave that up to the reader.

The things that catches me out all the time, is that is that I come up with queries that are useful for me, and 6 months down the track, I lost the piece of paper I wrote it on, or I have rebuilt my laptop and lost the text files I kept that in.  This is what prompted me to create this tool.  It helps me test out LDAP Queries quite quickly and easily.  It also lets me save those queries with a description, so I can come back to them later.


The Tool : LDAP Query

The usage of the tool is quite simple.

You put in the LDAP Path, credentials, query and the property you want to get back and click on the "Run Query" button.

It returns the results in the listbox below the button.  The results will return in the format of :

<Name of the object>
<Name of the object>


Once you have a query that meets your needs, add some descriptive text into the Description field and click the Save button.  This will save the query into the right listbox.  Whenever you open this tool, the saved queries will appear in the right listbox and if you click on one, it'll fill in those details on the left for your to run the query again.

Only the query, property, scope and description is saved.  The LDAP Path and credentials are not kept with the queries themselves, since I thought there could potentially be multiple ADs that you could be working with.  When you close the tool, the latest LDAP Path and credentials are persisted, so that they come back the next time you open the tool.

In the results listbox, everytime you click on a result, it copies it to the Clipboard.  I found that I needed this when I would search for a groups distinguishedName.  It would be a long piece of text that I would need in another LDAP query, so this saved me from typing it out.

Version 2.0

The latest version brought in some new functionality.

1. Browse button - this brings up an LDAP browser so that can navigate down the position in AD that you want, rather than the base of the directory.

2. Multiple properties - the tool now supports a comma delimited list of properties to get back.  Notify below that in the LDAP properties, we're getting back the name and description.

3. Advertising - I know that no one likes advertising.  I've put some advertising on the right of the app.  Please click on the ads to keep this app free and I can justify spending the time on improving this app.  I've put it in a place on the app where I hope it's not too annoying.  At least it's not animated :).

Do you have other functionality you're interested in?  Shoot me an email and I'll if I can add to the app.

Upgrading from an Older Version

The older version of this tool didn't come with an installer.  Now that you install the product, you may loose your queries.  To keep them, open the older version, export the queries to a file.  Then open the new version and import them in.


Currently, I can't think of anything I need to add to this tool.  But if you have some ideas, please let me know.


VT LDAP Query Installer (v2.1 - 18th August 2014) : Download Installer

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