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Nintex - Travel Request Scenario 

Nintex - Travel Request Scenario
I wanted to take a stab at a different type of post today. Most of my posts are around how to solve specific problems or how to achieve a particular piece of workflow logic in a reusable fashion. Todays post actually takes a number of my previous... read more

Nintex Workflow/Forms - Long Term Delegation 

Nintex Workflow/Forms - Long Term Delegation
The beginning of a beautiful Site Administrators page :). Over the years, I've been trying to get some reusable workflows or pages so that it makes it easier for me to do any type of administration work that I need to do. Although there is a Long... read more

Nintex Workflow - XSL Transformation 

What is XSL? XSL stands for Extensible Stylesheet Language.  It is used to transform an XML document into something else that is more user friendly.  A most common practice is transform XML into HTML. In a Nintex Workflow scenario, there are a... read more
Posted by Vadim Tabakman Wednesday, October 10, 2012 3:45:00 PM Categories: Call Web Service Nintex Nintex Workflow Send Notification XSLT

Nintex Workflow - State Machine 

The Nintex Workflow State Machine is a very useful piece of functionality. Not only is it a great enhancement to workflow design, it also improves maintenance of a workflow in the future. Your workflow logic may require you to jump between... read more
Posted by Vadim Tabakman Monday, February 6, 2012 7:03:00 PM Categories: Change State Nintex Nintex Workflow Send Notification State Machine


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