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What is Hyperfish? 

What is Hyperfish?

You're probably wondering.... What is the Hyperfish?? 

Well... I'll tell, but I won't tell you everything.  Why?  Because I don't know it.  But it is exciting... very exciting. I should add that I have no direct connection to Hyperfish, other than I know the smart people behind it.  I am not being paid for this post.  It's just something pretty cool that I feel is going to have an major impact on companies who want to improve themselves.  If you've seen any of my blog posts, they are all about building processes to improve your business.  This will no doubt help with that.

The quick explanation, is that it's going to look at your directory, analyze it, find the missing bits and it will go and locate the information to fill those in.  Thereby, making your directory more complete, more useful and as a result, improve your company. That is a very quick and dirty explanation, and I'm sure there's a lot more to it.  If you want to know more, head over to the Hyperfish site.  I'm just sharing what I understand from their site and from checking out the Beta they have.

Your Active Directory probably looks like this.. all dirty and missing bits:

With Hyperfish, it will look nice an clean, like this :

Now I've been blogging about Nintex for years and that will continue, well.... because Nintex rocks!!! and their software is awesome.  Having said that, if you have Nintex Workflow and Forms, how would this tool benefit your company?  The interesting thing is, Hyperfish will help all companies.  But if you're wondering about Nintex specifically, think about this.  You know those workflows that you build where you assign a task to the Manager of the Workflow Initiator?  Where do you think the manager is coming from????  It's coming from Active Directory.  What if it's not there? Well, the workflow will probably fail, unless you build some good checking in the workflow.  Hyperfish will minimize this type of situation where you need to keep checking for this type of issue. 

Lets say you have line of business systems that use information like email address, department, manager, phone number.. etc, and that data is missing from AD.  That means your processes from those systems grow in complexity to handle this type of situation.  With Hyperfish, the likelihood of this happening is reduced drastically.  It will constantly look to improve your AD, looking into any number of sources to get the data it needs to make your systems complete.  Your systems and process will therefore be more reliable and when designing the processes, you can focus on the process and less on worrying every little thing that could go wrong because data is not where it should be.

Ok enough blabbering from me....

How does one get their hands on Hyperfish?

It's actually not out yet.  There is a beta program, so check that out as it gives you access to some of what Hyperfish has built.  But the true release is aimed at Microsoft Ignite 2016 in Atlanta.  I just noticed that Hyperfish is a sponsor and will have a booth.  Since I have no doubt you are coming to Ignite and will stop by the Nintex booth for a chat, make sure you stop by the Hyperfish booth too and check out some pretty amazing technology.


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